Bush Kindy – leading the way in outdoor play

Leading the way in outdoor education – understanding Bush Kindy

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It’s fun and sensory-rich

Every week, we don our hats and our high-vis vests and explore the diverse natural environments around us – the forests, creeks, national parks, and gardens in our communities.

We take off our shoes

We take off our shoes, dip our toes in cool streams, climb on rocks, draw with sticks in rich soil, spot colourful bugs, and let our imagination roam free.

Natural environments

These natural environments inspire stories, connections and a deep respect for the world around us. They invite us to play, learn and develop essential life skills.

What is Bush Kindy?

Bush Kindy is planning for the unplanned, and giving children immersive access to the outdoors. Our carefully crafted program allows children to engage in unstructured outdoor play, where they can make their own discoveries and decisions in safe, engaging natural environments. At it’s roots, Bush Kindy facilitates holistic learning and development, and children take the lead.

Your young learner will interact with their surroundings in a way that ignites their interests, building trust in their own decisions and kindling a life-long love of learning.

Nature play helps children

  • Build self-confidence and self esteem

  • Develop resilience and initiative

  • Collaborate

  • Socialise

  • Strengthen numeracy
  • Develop problem-solving skills

  • Nurture creativity and critical thinking

  • Develop an appreciation and respect for nature

Nurturing nature lovers

As children explore the natural wonders of their local communities, they learn to take care of them, too.

That includes picking up rubbish and leaving little trace of ourselves behind. We learn about our connections with the environment, and the impact that we have on the land we live.

We learn to smell the flowers, but to leave them for the bees.

In this way, your child understands the importance of living sustainability, and is encouraged to adopt behaviours that can improve the quality of their lives in the future and for generations to come.

Our Community

We just wanted to commend your bush kindy program. We live nearby to Duggan Park in Rangeville and just love to see the children engaging with the park in such a positive way. We each have a background in education and are so impressed with the way the Leader interacts with the children. It is a delight for us to watch them arrive in their high-visibility vests filled with joy and energy for the day’s activities. So congratulations.”

Robyn and David