Settling your child into early education

It is natural that you and/or your child will be a little anxious to start with, especially if they haven’t been in care before. A child’s first day will almost certainly include nerves, excitement and often, a few tears. Here’s what you can expect on the first day as well as a few suggestion to make the transition easier;

When to arrive

Childcare is part of a new routine which will take some time to settle into. We always recommend arriving early so that you have plenty of time to say goodbye. It’s important that your child knows what’s happening so they’re not distressed when you leave. When you arrive on your first day our educators are there to help you sign in and settle your child before you leave.

Pack everything the night before

The first morning can be stressfull. We generally provide everything that your child might need during the day. We do ask that you bring a water bottle, some spare clothes and even a comforter. We recommend packing everything the night before. You may want to let your child pack their backpack with you to help build expectations for the following day.

Meeting our leaders

When you arrive ask for the Centre Manager or the Room Leader. They are both there for you to greet you and help settle you in.

Once you’ve arrived

Typically you will first sign in, find your child’s locker and then put their bag away. One of our educators will assist you in getting your child to settle. Often this is done by introducing them to one or two friends or even showing them an exciting experience.

Saying goodbye

It is important that you ensure you say goodbye to your child when you leave and make sure that the teacher or educator in charge knows that you are leaving. We understand goodbyes can be hard for all involved however to continue building a safe and trusting relationship we strongly suggest that you say goodbye and not ‘slip away’ when your child is distracted. We encourage anyone who may want to check in on their child at anytime to phone the centre and we will provide an update on how your child is going

Play dates

If possible, try to find time to spend with your child at the centre to get them familiar with the facility (indoor and outdoor), other children and the educators. We suggest that you and your child visit the centre for a play and to meet the staff on as many occasions as is practical to allow you both to start building safe and secure relationships with all the educators.

We offer a free two hours stay and play for your child. This is generally done the day before, or a day convenient to you, based on availability. We have found this to support your child leading up to their first day. 

Family photos

Providing photos of significant family members for your child’s wall for within their learning environments can help support and establish familiarity for your child throughout the day and will provide them with a sense of belonging


As you are your child’s first teacher, you know best so when it comes to saying goodbye, rest time routines, settling techniques etc so we want to be made aware of what works for you and your family at home. Our teachers and educators will ask for your advice and input and will also in return provide you with advice on how to best make things work. At all our childcare centres, we aim to provide an open-door policy and believe that communication is the key to any great relationship so please do not hesitate to ask any questions or provide feedback.