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There are many factors to be taken into consideration when looking for a new Early Learning Childcare or Daycare centre for your children. Of course, quality is a key consideration but there are other factors that should take the stress out of choosing the right Childcare for your family.

Ease of location: Trust us when we say that life will be heaps easier if your Childcare centre is closely situated so that there is as little disruption as possible (and therefore stress) on route to work. Plus the added benefit is you get to spend more time with your child and less time commuting. Popping out for lunch? What if you could quickly pop in to visit your child or quickly chat with their educator?

Open hours are key: Make sure you find a centre that offers the right operating hours for you. It just gives you that little bit of flexibility if you are running late or have important errands to run.

Curriculum or structure: Are there any programs that particularly appeal to you? Would your child thrive at Bush Kindy or would a program such as the Greener Minds which prioritises outdoor learning and sustainability futher build on the values your family aspires to? Above all, make sure that your chosen centre offers a government approved Kindergarten Program to ready your child for their first day of school.

Ratio of staff to Children: The more staff a facility has, the more one-on-one attention your child will receive. Individual attention is especially beneficial for children who thrive in smaller groups.

Educator training and Experience: Assessing the education and training levels of Educators is important when finding a centre. Does the centre have a good mix or experienced educators as well as the energy and enthusiasm of new comers to the industry?

Cleanliness and hygiene: Any parent with young children will know how messy things can get at times. From playdough to paint to glitter sprinkled everywhere, it can feel like it’s never ending. Mess is one thing but hygiene is another. Make sure when chosing your daycare centre you check out the bathrooms and kitchens. Hygiene is important for your little kids; you want to know that they will be well taken care when you are at workd.

Nutrition: Childcare providers can encourage healthy eating habits in young children. Providing food that’s varied, healthy and age appropriate is very important when choosing a childcare provider. Of course, you’d want to understand what medical management plans are in place for children with anaphylaxis too.

Your gut reaction: Finally as a parent chosing a childcare provider there is a lot to be said about relying on your first gut impression. When touring a facility take note of the little things. Do the children generally look like they are having fun in a structured learning environment? Are you comfortable with the amount of information you’ve been provided? Would you be comfortable dropping your child off in the mornings.

We hope that some of the factors listed above will help you make an informed decision onwhich Childcare Centre would be the best suited for you and your family! At the Gardens Early Learning Centres we take great care in designing quality childcare programs. Our doors are always open should you want to explore any of our Toowoomba Early Learning Childcare Centres further.

Introducing our Toowoomba Childcare Centres:

Highfield Gardens
Highfield Gardens
This centre has 10 rooms across two buildings with their very own veggie patch, two chicken coops and plenty of outdoor play area for kids to explore.
Toowoomba Gardens
Toowoomba Gardens
Our Harristown centre is easily accessible with large natural play areas full of features for imaginations to grow.
Westbrook Gardens
Westbrook Gardens
Coming soon is our Westbrook Gardens centre. Westbrook is sustainably designed with an exciting outdoor play area.